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Wednesday 04 December 2013 - 09:50:28

On Sale Now! - Viva La Virgen De Guadalupe - 2015 book series! Ship Only!

Viva La Virgen De Guadalupe Serenata Book Series 2015

Books included: Guitarrón, Vihuela, Guitar, Trumpet I, Trumpet II, Violin I, Violin II, Violin II, and 5 Letra (5.5 X 8.8 )booklets.
All the books are standard 8.5 X 11, except for the Letra book which is a 5.5 X 8.5 booklet.

This book contains 28 songs, popular amongst the Virgen De Guadalupe Serenatas.
Designed specifically for A serenata a La Virgen de Guadalupe, this book also contains the Spanish MASS arrangements from FyC, popular within most Catholic Dioceses.

The List of songs are as follows:

1. La Mañanitas A La Virgen - Traditional
2. En Tu Dia - Traditional
3. Buenos Diaz Paloma Blanca
4. Santa Maria Del Camino - Traditional
5. Virgencita Del Tepeyac - Traditional
6. La Feria de Las Flores
7. Te Lo Pido Por Favor
8. La Virgen Ranchera (Vargas)
9. Oh Maria, Madre Mia
10. Las Apariciones Guadalupanas
11. Mi Virgen Bella
12. Himno A La Humildad - Marco Antonio Solis
13. Ofrenda Guadalupana - Lola Beltran
14. Guadalupe - Ana Barbara
15. Canto A la Madre - Pedro Fernandez
16. Amor De Madre - Pedro Fernandez
17. A Ti Vergencita - Ge'lo
18. Mama Lupita - Lola Beltran
19. Virgencita Morena - Beatriz Adriana
20. Del Cielo Ha Bajado - Traditional
21. Mujer Pura Y Santa - New
22. Señora Señora - Live Basilica 2013
23. Morenita Mia - Martin Serrano
24. Quien Es Esa Estrella - Traditional
25. Plegaria Guadalupana - Yolanda del Rio
27. Adios, Oh Virgen de Guadalupe - Traditional
28. Adios, Reyna del Cielo - Traditional

Including the Spanish Mass.

This book or sets of books will be updated next year to include more songs. I'm not sure if I will be taking requests for key changes, but mostly like I will include a set for mixed vocals(meaning male and female voices) and a set for only male vocals.

Leave me a comment if you are interested in these books, and I will shoot you a pm, with the price details.

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