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Armonias de trio/ Trio Vocal Harmony
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Mon Jan 14 2013, 11:07PM
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Estoy tratando de aprender como armonizar 3 voces. Cuando es para dos puedo muy fácil, pero la tercera se me hace muy dificil. No puedo encontrar algo en el internet que me pueda ayudar. Conocen algo?

I am trying to learn how to harmonize 3 voices (like trios). But I'm finding it very difficult to do it. I can figure out harmonies for 2 voices pretty easily. But a third voice is very hard for me. I've been looking online for a while but I can't find anything. Anyone know of anything I can look through?
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Tue Jan 15 2013, 07:41AM

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The book I used back in college was a book called the "Harmony book" it was the book used in Theory class, along with many years of transcribing it became second nature.

Voicing for 3 parts in trios is alot like voicing for 3 parts for violins. Remember if it sounds good to the ear, it doesn't always follow theory, but don't always rely on that, do your research, study it, before you go and change it to sound authentic to the traditional trio / mariachi voicing, make sure that it has some theory to back it up.

I have several suggestions.

1. Get a PDF version of the book. Master Theory Book 1 - Elementary Harmony
and at least complete the first book.

2. Download some free scores (not parts) for mariachi, the score will have the voicing for the violins in 3 parts including all parts.
Study the relationship between the Chords that follow the chord progression to the passing tones.

3. Learn the basic I IV V7 chord structures the notes that make up these chords, for more study learn the ii iii vi viio chord structures.

4. Sometimes its best to try different search titles, SATB Study (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass) reading, writing and understanding.

5. Understanding how to harmonize in 3 parts takes years of training the ear, but as a instrumentalist your adaptability skills are much higher, and with the proper self theory training, you could master it without even being a singer. Think of it as your voice being an instrument. This is concept is how it is being taught today in public schools. Reading the notes as a singer is alot lot reading the notes as an instrumentalist.

6. Remember to listen to 3 part harmonies from famous groups and trios, imitation is and always will be my moto when it comes to learning any style of music. Mariachi super-included.

Once you are capable of applying this knowledge without the nead to read on paper, you are on your way to becoming a good tercer voz.

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28 Jun : 09:10
Im looking for a violin solo version of El Diablo suelto. If anyone has it. Thanks.

09 Jun : 22:53
I might have it, let me check file cabinet.. if I find it will upload it to downloads..

06 Jun : 10:45
I'm looking for an arrangement of "El Preso #9 ". Can anybody point me to one? Gracias.

04 Dec : 16:49
Yes I will put it in the downloads tonight

30 Nov : 20:39
Feix, this is Leon. Do you have the atrapado a los clasicos arreglo?

29 Dec : 10:00
Su nombre artistico es....

08 Nov : 19:19
Thank You Sir.. Lokking forward for my first production. You're the best!!

08 Nov : 19:17
Sup Javi Welcome

04 Oct : 14:47
Please upload, Ponle Precio - Mariachi Sol De America.

01 Sep : 08:34
defintely one for the catalog, will do.

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