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Ready Or Not - Reveal Trailer
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Wed May 10 2017, 06:49PM
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Ready Or Not – Devblog 01 – “Teaser and beyond”

Ready or Not is a tactical first person shooter which places you in the boots of an elite SWAT team, tasked with diffusing hostile situations in intense, claustrophobic environments. It’s set in a nondescript modern America, where an income disparity between the classes have become unsustainable and the country has been plunged into havoc. Bring order to chaos with up to 8 players in cooperative play, battle enemy squads in a close player-vs-player environment, or command AI in a striking single-player mode.

Ready Or Not has been in development since June 2016, and includes an array of unique features. Today, we’re going to run through some of the already included features we’re most excited about.

Current features include:

Incremental lean system
Our most prominent feature involves the players ability to maneuver around obstacles, opening up infinite possibilities regarding tactical positions. Players can duck under low cover to avoid oncoming fire, or peak above high cover in order to spot and return fire upon the enemy. The assigned keys can be tapped in any order to “peek”. On top of this, we have also included a classic quick-lean system seen in many shooters.

Incremental Door control system
This gameplay feature allows for doors of multiple types such as sliding, swinging, and revolving doors, to be manipulated by the mouse wheel at any time. Provided the door is unlocked, players can interact and incrementally move them.

Modular speed control
Our final mouse-wheel-based feature involves the control of the player’s speed by scrolling up or down. This allows for precise movement in a close-quarters environment, which may mean the difference between life and death in a hostile situation. This, of course, can be re-bound to suit our users needs.

Simulated and detailed third person inventory
In a real life situation, each item has its place in a loadout. We wanted to ensure this level of replication, so we included detailed animations and systems which show your teammates exactly what you’re doing. Magazines, grenades, and items are retrieved and returned to their specific pouches, with the pouch flaps opening and closing in synchronicity with the players reload or draw, respectively.

Convex collision armour, allowing for precise protection
Armour collision in Ready or Not is calculated based on the mesh coverage on the player, allowing for accurate levels of realistic ballistic protection.

Projectile dynamics, bullets penetrate, ricochet, and deteriorate
Rounds have realistic range, drag, and tumble velocity. Calibers and ammunition types affect how far and how well a projectiles penetrate and exit. All rounds have the ability to ricochet based on surface materials and angle of impact, and deflection has recently been included as a feature. Less-than-lethal rounds will be unlikely to penetrate, but can sometimes still kill depending on proximity and impact area.

Responsive damage system and effects
If a player is shot in the legs, movement is slowed down based on the level of damage. Arm damage will decrease accuracy and increase draw times. Head damage, provided it is survived, can intermittently “haze” the players vision. This is all shown via a passive (read: hidden unless needed) indicator at the bottom of the screen.

Visceral gore
Deaths need to be impactful to the end user and we’re committed to providing an experience like no other. If characters in the game are hit, parallax bullet holes spawn on flesh, and blood will then seep out into surrounding fabrics. A gory bullet hole also becomes an emitter, as individuals who knock their wounds onto objects create a small splatter, based on bone velocity. In the future, we plan to implement an entire bodily destruction system.

Highly detailed weapons, characters and environments
As seen in our gallery and teaser, Ready or Not’s assets aren’t camera-shy. A realistic and high-detail representation of all assets is necessary in immersing the player in our world. Weapon edges are smooth and seamless, environmental detail is minute.

Massive selection of items
As of pre-alpha, we currently have over 30+ items in total, with plans to greatly expand this selection monthly. Concerns may arise over balance issues, but each item will have its place and value considered in order to avoid having duplicate functioning (but visually different) gear. These items include weapons, devices, grenades, and deployable items (read: items that can be selected in our planning phase)

Fully supported competitive servers based on Amazon Gamelift API
Ready or Not features a fully competitive set of gamemodes to test your mettle against other squads in PvP. However, players can still host listen servers and play with custom game rules.

Plans to support squad competitive play
Create a squad with up to ten friends for PvP and Coop. Work as small groups to reap squad rewards, and compete in yearly leader-board competitions to earn unique skins. A passive pointscore system allows players to work together to level and earn more squad points, opening up options in a mission’s planning phase.

Tactical Analysis
All missions begin with a tactical analysis and planning phase, currently allowing teams to shut off power grids, blockade entrances, create or choose new entry points, and spawn unique devices including ballistic shields, heavy rams, and telescopic ladders.

We hope you stick with us through our journey in making a true-to-life tactical shooter that can be held up to the greats. We’re excited to share our work over the course of this year.

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s our reveal.

Thanks from the team at VOID Interactive

Copyright © 2017 Ready Or Not, VOID Interactive Pty Ltd
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Sat May 13 2017, 05:57PM

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It is a fantasy. A pipe dream. Vapourware. 3 guys only are working on it and they have no funding. At least one of them is just a mod maker and has never worked in the industry. This same guy 4 years ago posted on Reddit that he can't model people for the life of him. He is now their only character artist.

Read more about my research into these guys:

[ Edited Sat May 13 2017, 06:00PM ]
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Tue Oct 13 2020, 10:30AM
You see that fueckn saw. We're gonna use it. We don't fueck around in this place.

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Did this ever end up amounting to anything? Looks like it tanked. LOL.

Not really sold on it myself. There's nothing wrong with what we have now, other than it being somewhat graphically dated. Besides SWAT3 runs flawlessly in Wine, so even without source code it will probably outlast all of us.

[ Edited Tue Oct 13 2020, 10:38AM ]
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Mon Nov 02 2020, 07:41AM
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Been looking into this as it seems like a great idea. This is a link to the developer.

Looks like their Alpha version is out, but the Beta won't be available until June 2021. Thinking about purchasing the supporter pack and getting a hold of the Alpha version to check it out. However, I don't think I have that much confidence that this will ever be released.
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Mon Nov 02 2020, 04:29PM
You see that fueckn saw. We're gonna use it. We don't fueck around in this place.

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I'm not holding my breath for that game. Even if it does come out, I can't see myself ever retiring SWAT3, or any of the other games from that glorious era.
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Tue Nov 03 2020, 07:12AM
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Definitely not saying I'd give up Swat 3. I still hop on and play in single player from time to time. Even at work since I'm able to lol

Just saying it looks like a nice idea but I'm not so sure they will get it off the ground. If I really thought it was coming out, I would buy the supporter pack.
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