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Welcome to Swat 3 Reunited! The reunion is near!
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Our TeamSpeak host had to update our server IP address.

Please copy and paste this new IP in to the connection sku box of TeamSpeak
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[news] Swat 3 Reunited is back
Posted by LamboLild on 17 Aug : 14:46
Dating is a stage of passionate relationships in h [more ...]

[news] Swat 3 Reunited is back
Posted by BigKadoLB on 20 Aug : 14:03
thank you for keeping it up and running!! :)

[news] Alpha version of Bluemoon released
Posted by swatspy on 17 Feb : 03:30
Wow very nice and too HArd. thank you. Swatspy. :D

[news] Swat 3 Reunited is back
Posted by smoothoperator on 09 Feb : 09:47

[news] Swat 3 Reunited is back
Posted by DrChew on 07 Jan : 23:49
Happy new year! Time to get back for some swat 3 a [more ...]

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