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27 Mar : 21:40
COD4 Server coming soon!

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Our Code of Conduct
Even though we are an open community. . . we still have to have rules to protect the interests of our community. . . So here we go. . . .

Section I: Things you SHOULD DO

1. Have fun! You are here to have fun right?

2. Tell jokes! Everyone needs a laugh now and then....

3. Play games! We are all here to play video games!

4. Act like yourself! We are all friends here!

Section II: Things you SHOULD NOT DO that will get you most likely get you banned

1. Cheat, hack, exploit, or alter a game in any way to give you a lame, unfair advantage. No. . . you won't pass that exam or win a game by cheating . . .

2. Maliciously attack our servers. You are not a L33T HAckZor so stop trying to be one. . .

3. Be a jerk. Respect others! Love all around! :D

4. Spam, flame, or otherwise post weird unnecessary crap on the forums or website (this includes URLS). Go to the grocery store if you want spam (meaty goodness in a can) or matches for your

5. Post malicious links or share malicious files over our servers. If you like malware and you want your computer to act funny. . . feel free to run those files on your system all day!

6. Sexually harass other community members. Go talk about your weird, awkward fantasies with people who are interested in them. . .

7. Make mean racial or religious comments (including usernames). There is no need to talk about people in that way. . . We are all equal here. . .

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Spam is just meaty goodness in a can and is not wanted on our site!

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