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23 Oct : 08:33
Max clients in server on TS warning,,,,what's the deal?

27 Sep : 12:07
The cod4 server is in testing mode, please read all forum posts to update yourself on what is going on!!

27 Sep : 09:53
Copy-Cat is bring X4 with Pezbots to real life at DnC. Awesomeness brother!

26 Sep : 18:42

26 Sep : 11:51
forum is all cleaned up :)

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RvS Server Map Issues
It has come to our attention that some of the maps that were in our server list were either causing game crashes or were glitchy at best. It is because of these findings that cman and myself are in the slow and tedious process of finding and or replacing each map that had issues....then testing them each to ensure that our server will have maps that do in fact work without incident. Again this process is slow and may take some time. We could only find one website so far that hosts the downloads of Raven Shield maps... and many of those maps are buggy ! It is hard to say if those maps were uploaded to this site already corrupted or if somehow the website moderator effected the map files uploading them. In the effort to help us speed through this as much as possible I am asking all to post a comment here if you know any other websites that host RvS map downloads or if you have map self installing exe files that you wish to share. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by P0V3RTY on Wednesday 12 June 2013 - 04:43:32 Read/Post Comment: 0

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